COMPACFOAM is a thermoplastic foam with a density of 100 - 400 kg/m3 based on the polymer polystyrene (PS). Its physical structure and chemical composition correspond entirely to that of the well-known expanded polystyrene (EPS , Styropor®). The tiny closed-celled foam plastic balls of less than 1 mm in diameter are thermally welded to each other at their cell walls, forming a massive block. COMPACFOAM’s innovation is to extend this well-known technology to much higher densities. This results in unique material properties, while at the same time offering the security of a material that has been in use for decades.

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COMPACFOAM is a new solution that combines the highest compressive strength with the best heat insulation and a light weight. Its elevated stiffness (2 % compression with a working load) and excellent long-term stability make COMPACFOAM a solution to many problems in insulation and lightweight construction applications.

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